We’re Moving!

Long story short: this blog (and it’s many years of posts) has moved over to my new web home. While this domain will remain active for a few more weeks, it will be transferred over to the new spot. If you’re a subscriber, I encourage you to join me over on the new site. I plan to continue my periodic posts on children’s literature and history.

And the longer story: earlier this year, I left Dallas Heritage Village, where I have worked in a variety of roles for the last 17 years. Thankfully, I had a bit of space to think about what should come next–and made the decision to launch my own consulting practice, helping smaller nonprofit organizations become more sustainable. My first client isn’t a museum–but rather a literacy nonprofit. Which also feels very appropriate, given my pretty obvious love of books and kids!

As I was building my consulting website, I realized that it made the most sense to put both this blog, and my more museum-oriented blog, under one umbrella. Hence, the move!

Hope we keep in touch–and that you’ll be okay with a bit of museum/nonprofit content mixed in with reflections on books.

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