Movies vs. books, round 1

It’s probably more than a coincidence that I’m revisiting Klickitat Street just before the latest movie version of Ramona comes out.  Back in the day, I really liked the tv version with Sarah Polley (also know for being in Avonlea, who’s source material is another favorite author).  And the previews for the movie look pretty decent.  But I know there are people that are _seriously_ upset whenever a movie messes with a beloved classic.

Another friend shared this review from Horn Book which makes me fairly optimistic.

So my question for you:  are you going to see it?  Are you going to wait until its on DVD so you can drink heavily and/or curse loudly while watching it?  Or are you going to avoid like its the Worst Thing That Ever Happened in Hollywood?

Do you have favorite movie versions of books?  Most horrifying?